Outdoor hockey

Hockey outdoor merupakan salah satu cabang hockey yang dimainkan di lapangan terbuka. Hoki luar ruangan ini menjadi olahraga yang cukup populer di Indonesia ....

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Indoor hockey

Berkebalikan dengan outdoor hockey, indoor hockey dimainkan di lapangan dalam ruang tertutup. Rumput yang digunakan dalam olahraga ...

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Ice hockey

Kesamaan antara indoor hockey dan ice hockey adalah keduanya dimainkan di atas lapangan yang ada di dalam ruangan. Yang membuat kedua hoki ...

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Jenis-jenis olahraga hockey
Meski kurang begitu populer di Indonesia, hoki atau hockey merupakan olahraga yang sangat digemari di banyak negara lain seperti Amerika dan Australia. Olahraga yang dimainkan dengan stick khusus untuk memukul bola ini banyak digemari karena sangat seru. Dengan stick khusus, para pemain berebut bola yang ukurannya 2 kali lebih besar dari bola golf ibola55. Pada umumnya, yang diketahui kebanyakan orang adalah olahraga ini dimainkan di atas lapangan indoor berumput sintetis. Pada nyatanya, olahraga ini terbagi atas 3 jenis yang sama-sama seru untuk dimainkan atau disaksikan pertandingannya.

Peppermint, a Good Herb for Digestive Health
Peppermint is probably one of the most common herbs used today. From candy and gum to tea and toothpaste, the flavor is well recognized and found to be agreeable to almost everyone. Even so, peppermint has many medicinal properties that make this plant even more appreciated. Mentha piperita is its official name. Authentic peppermint is a cross breed of several varieties of mint, particularly spearmint and watermint, first cultivated in England in the 1700s. It grows best in warm, moist places but will sprout just about anywhere. Ads: togel5.com

Toots given Luminary Award
Last week the Caribbean community gathered in Washington DC to honor their own high achievers at the 14th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards Gala hosted by the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS). This year the ICS honored Caribbean trailblazers in science, technology, medicine, media and business. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Luminary Award to reggae musician Frederick “Toots” Hibbert for his contribution to the genre. Toots and the Maytals are legends of ska and reggae music.

Negrophobia: Do you have it?
In the years since Washington, DC’s hardest working MC, Head-Roc, dropped his solo debut project, The Return of Black Broadway, the “Broadway” got whiter. U Street’s most prominent apartment building, The Ellington, is way out of the financial league of the city’s majority blacks who are reeling from a reported 10-14 percent unemployment rate. A tanning salon now sits on the once famed black corridor and the organized new residents have successfully banned live hip-hop performance from all clubs in the neighborhood. All that’s left of the Black Broadway are a hodge-podge of informational walking tour street signs saying that it used to be there. What’s behind all of this? According to Head-Roc, it’s Negrophobia and if you were born anytime after the 15th century, then you’ve probably got it!